Les Hommes sont-ils des fleurs ?


With Chiheb Mlayah and Omar Mosbeh.


Two men-flowers are expelled in this endless deserted land, in search of a fertile replantation. They are wandering without a specific goal. Where are they going? They are not heading somewhere in particular; The destination is no longer important to them. The purpose is the journey itself, to be on the road. It is their aspiration:

to be on the way.





The characters are moving aimlessly in this vacuum space, experiencing intermittently moments of intense concentration, fragment thinking, hallucination, sensory loss, spiritual exaltation, madness and eventually death. They wander in this monotonous landscape that gives the sense of a boundless repetition. Events are following endlessly one another, making a slight difference as time passes by. A condition that not only refers to the expatriation but also to the uprooting of these moving plants.

Les Hommes sont-ils des fleurs ? 2017

video 04:47